Day 9: Stepping Into Hope

detox hope Jul 20, 2021

With Day 9 winding down and the entire cleanse wrapping up, we had a wonderful discussion about what it means going forward. Neither of us have felt this good in a long time. We are down about 10 lbs each, which was never a goal, but still significant to mention. Despite only having juice today, our energy levels are amazing and we plan to take a walk this evening to burn a little of it off. The pain I’ve been dealing with for several months has subsided. Inflammation is down and flexibility is increasing. This, for me, is huge! But everything is a process. 

So what does it mean going forward? One word; hope. A few months ago, we had a patient visit us for the first time. As I was helping her with some information, I asked how she felt. With a new light in her eyes, she said, “I have hope again”. Moments like that are why we do what we do. We plan to continue down this path and build upon it within all four pillars; sharing along the way. Every body walking this earth deserves to have hope; they deserve to have health. 

Hope is to want something to happen or be true. If you want to be healthy; if you want to feel better, it can be true. It comes down to choices. If you continue to knowingly eat poorly but hope to be healthy, you are in for a long road of disappointment. Likewise, if you are searching for the quick-fix, hope becomes a dangerous driver leading you into situations or choices that may cause you more harm. Just as our afflictions do not happen overnight; nor do the remedies. Again, it's a process. 

The significance of this cleanse, and much of what Anthony talks about in his book, is a tremendous testament to the innate intelligence we all have. Inherently, our bodies know what to do; we just need to listen. What is your's telling you? 






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