Detox Day 5: Garbage In; Garbage Out

detox Jul 16, 2021

A common misconception about detoxification is that it's only used to clean out your digestive tract. Another is that you have to starve yourself or only drink juices. We've also heard many people claim they detoxed right before a colonoscopy. The first is one version of detoxification; the second concept will not be effective; and the third, well, unfortunately is not true. I know everyone that has been through that procedure would like to think they earned a medal, but it doesn't check the detox box. 

The most important "miss" when it comes to cleansing, is when it's solely based on food. Our environments are bombarding us with toxins on a regular basis. Heavy metals and chemicals are leaching into our bloodstream and our lungs are being filled with pollutants. The water we bathe in and the many, many products we use everyday from cosmetics to household cleaners; all are pushing our livers into a dangerous state. It is the ultimate filtration system that keeps us running on healthy. 

There is an analogy my mother introduced me to a long time ago regarding a bank account. I think it can also be applied to the relationship we have with our bodies. Imagine life as a joint bank account shared by each person and their body. Each has the capacity to deposit and withdraw from the account. Everyday, our bodies deposit as much as they can through activity, thoughts, emotions, etc - basically whatever we ask from them. We all gladly withdraw those deposits. However, if we aren't contributing to the account as well, it becomes depleted, and the account closes. The point of the story is to make sure we are depositing regularly to support our bodies as much as they support us. Good nutrition, a solid structural foundation, mindfulness and detoxification; each of the Four Pillars of Health are integral to life and longevity. Stick with us and we'll help you on this journey. 

While we don't have a funny story from today, since it was pretty easy-going, we DO have a tasty little find we will share. What you will need is an apple or apple slices and 2 medjool dates. Take a bite of the apple, and then of a date. It tastes just like a caramel apple! I'm thinking I may be hooked. 


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