Detox Day 4: Fear of Missing Out

detox Jul 15, 2021

FOMO is creeping in as we inch closer to a beautiful summer weekend! As mentioned, the county fair is happening and the town is full of vibrant energy and people! Likewise, all of the wonderful restaurant patios with incredible foods and libations are buzzing. We have a new cider brewery launching a block away and they are having a big grand opening with our favorite taco truck. What were we thinking???

<Insert a deep sigh here.

About a month ago, we removed eggs from our diet. This was probably the hardest decision regarding food either of us have ever made. It has been my personal go-to food my entire life. I mean, I grew up on an egg farm with 40,000 chickens. Eggs were life. Literally! However, Anthony made some really incredible points that are tough to argue. It just made sense to us, so we pulled them from the menu permanently. 

People are not always going to understand why you make decisions like that. Their responses are often, "why would you do that?". Or "you're going to die anyway, don't deprive yourself!".  And there, friends, is the trigger. Deprivation.

The question is, what are we depriving ourselves of? If we physically feel horrible after making a decision that momentarily gave us that hit of dopamine or serotonin, what did we gain? Now compound years of those tiny-highs and impulse decisions which lead to our bodies breaking it really worth it? Some of you are saying YES, it is! We completely understand, but if you are truly being honest with yourself, does it make you feel good? Really good; physically, mentally, emotionally? 

The truth is, we have a lot of options! Even ones where it doesn't feel like you're missing anything. We will be sharing some of our favorite dishes and treats under the Recipes tab soon. Once we wrap up this cleanse, that is. So experiment, have some fun and feel amazing doing it!

And absolutely look into doing this cleanse! Take what we are sharing here and mentally prepare yourself a bit. You can do it!! We know you can! And we will be here for you when you do. 

Don't live in fear; just live. Live the best way today, so you feel alive tomorrow. 

Looking at it now, I think it's brilliant we chose this week/weekend for the cleanse journey. What better way for us to challenge FOMO and make peace with the fact we aren't missing a damn thing. 




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