Detox Day 3: Dumping Sludge

detox Jul 14, 2021

How about that sludge bucket analogy, right? 

We don't realize the amount of junk our system ingests on a regular basis until it is so far gone and we hear words like auto-immune disease, chronic illness, and trauma. The Medical Medium talks about "burnout", which is very much the same thing as the sludge bucket Doc has been speaking on for well over a decade. 

Our bodies are innately designed with a built in detoxification system, but most of us are so overrun, our systems are bogged down to the point of disease for many. As one of our core pillars of health, we are hyper-focused on detoxification and helping the masses understand its importance. 

During 2020, we were experimenting with a lot of different detoxifications; parasitic, blood, colon and even a brief juice fast. We dabbled in intermittent fasting, but, maybe we didn't give that as good of a go as we could have. (There is intention to do a full series of videos on specific detoxifications.) Rarely have we altered our food intake so drastically, though, since we already have fairly healthy diets. Flushing our livers was on the radar, but like everything, it all happens at the right time. So here we are. 

Today we noticed a bit of a roller coaster when it came to energy and clarity. We each had spurts of both, then we'd find ourselves zoned out for a bit. I take a vitamin B complex and I noticed today, I didn't deplete it as much as I normally do. We're looking into this and will keep monitoring to let you know how it plays out. All in all, it was a pretty good day!

As always, we had fun moment on the way home as we passed a fast food restaurant and I said I would kill for some fried cheese. Well, words matter, and Doc's reaction was to ask me not to speak like that...because he's the only one around. 

Again, if you haven't been inspired to pick up the book we are basing this on, we really encourage you to do so and then reach out!  (Link below) We'd love to hear from you about your experiences or any questions/hesitations you have about detoxes in general. 

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